Sustainability refers to the ability to meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It considers environmental, social, and economic factors.

Regenerating Australia - The Importance Of Planting Native Plants (1)

2hrs 30mins

The importance of planting native plants

Engage students with native planting with an experiment to investigate water loss from different plants.

Rachel's Farm


Rachel's Farm for community groups

Start conversations with your community about the principles and practice of regenerative farming and help farmers future proof their farming business. The activities can also be easily applied to smaller scale community groups who have gardens.

Rachel's Farm


Rachel's Farm for tertiary

Provide tertiary, Ag college and TAFE students with a valuable Australian case study that provides an entry into the principles of regenerative agriculture and the importance of biodiversity, soil health and our food system. This case study is a useful sample that can be investigated and applied to research assignments.

Rachel's Farm


Rachel's Farm (Secondary years 7-12)

Rachel’s Farm offers an exciting opportunity to engage students in learning about solutions to climate change, the importance of biodiversity, soil health, regenerative agriculture, farming, health and our food system - and the links between them all!

Comparing Economic Models – Economics – Years 9&10_option 1


Comparing economic models (UK)

In this lesson, students will explore the traditional circular flow economic model and evaluate the factors of the economy that are not considered.

Educating Girls Doughnut

1hr 40mins

Doughnut economics case studies (UK)

In this lesson, students will revise features of the circular flow and Doughnut Economic models from the previous lesson before exploring a real-world example of Doughnut Economics in action.

Applying Point Of View – English – Years 7&8_option 2

1hr 10mins

Applying point of view (UK)

In this lesson, students will explore how choices in point of view and perspective impact upon a text.