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Years 9-10

Explore resources for 14-16 year olds focussed on deep-diving into subjects of learning such as regenerative architecture, engaging with civics and citizenship, film production and analysis, and preparing students for more advanced studies. Students also learn how to apply point of view and write persuasive speeches.

The Oyster Gardener

1hr 30mins

Connecting to Country through art

Inspire your students to explore connection to Country through their own visual arts practice and by analysing the works of other artists.

The Oyster Gardener

1hr 30mins

The Oyster Gardener Geography (Secondary)

Students will explore how water environments can be managed sustainably to preserve their economic, cultural, spiritual, and aesthetic value.

The Oyster Gardener

3hrs 20mins

The Oyster Gardener Media Arts

Teach your students how codes and conventions are used in the documentary The Oyster Gardener, and inspire them to learn about the environmental issues in their local area, and how to plan and produce an informative media arts production about it.

The Oyster Gardener

1hr 30mins

Learning about our local waterways

Inspire your students to learn about their local waterways and marine ecosystems, and how young people can play a role in conservation.



Film and production analysis

Engage your students in the film production process by watching a video with the director of Regenerating Australia, Damon Gameau.

Rachel's Farm


Rachel's Farm (Secondary years 7-12)

Rachel’s Farm offers an exciting opportunity to engage students in learning about solutions to climate change, the importance of biodiversity, soil health, regenerative agriculture, farming, health and our food system - and the links between them all!

Comparing Economic Models – Economics – Years 9&10_option 1


Comparing economic models (UK)

In this lesson, students will explore the traditional circular flow economic model and evaluate the factors of the economy that are not considered.

Educating Girls Doughnut

1hr 40mins

Doughnut economics case studies (UK)

In this lesson, students will revise features of the circular flow and Doughnut Economic models from the previous lesson before exploring a real-world example of Doughnut Economics in action.

Making Persuasive Speeches – English – Years 9&10


Making persuasive speeches (UK)

In this lesson, students will examine a persuasive text structure and apply it to the empowerment of women and girls.