Regenerative design

Regenerative design aims to create systems, products or processes that actively contribute to the restoration and enhancement of the environment, fostering sustainability and resilience.

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Finding out_exploring energy

2hrs 31mins

Exploring the themes of 2040 (US)

In this lesson, students will be immersed in and connect with the documentary film 2040. Students begin by clarifying the key terms used in the 2040 documentary. They then work in groups to investigate some of the challenges we face as identified in the documentary (including energy, transport, and food production). They work in groups to brainstorm solutions to these challenges and are then are invited to watch and reflect on the 2040 documentary film.

Renewable Energy – Science – Years 7&8

1hr 40mins

Renewable energy (US)

In this lesson, students will be immersed in, and connect with, the documentary film 2040, focusing on the topic of renewable energy. Students begin by exploring what we mean by renewable and non-renewable resources, and investigate a range of resources, classifying them as either renewable or non-renewable based on their regeneration rates. Students explore how understanding the benefits of renewable energy can improve and empower communities by looking at and comparing a range of community energy projects.