Persuasive writing

Persuasive writing aims to convince readers of a particular viewpoint or action through effective use of rhetoric, evidence, and emotional appeal.

Applying Point Of View – English – Years 7&8_option 2

1hr 10mins

Applying point of view

In this lesson, students will explore how choices in point of view and perspective impact upon a text.

The Tone Of Climate Change – English – Years 7&8_option 1

1hr 15mins

The tone of climate change

In this lesson, students explore the emotions that climate change evokes and examine the tones used in messaging around climate change.

Making Persuasive Speeches – English – Years 9&10


Making persuasive speeches

In this lesson, students will examine a persuasive text structure and apply it to the empowerment of women and girls.

Writing The Future – English – Years 9&10


Writing the future

In this lesson, students will engage in solutions-focused thinking about the challenge of climate change.

Empowering Women And Girls – English – Years 9&10

1hr 25mins

Empowering women and girls

In this lesson, students will explore the relationship between empowering women and girls and addressing climate change.