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Explore resources designed for tertiary and TAFE education levels that provide in-depth knowledge and research materials. Our films are case studies that provide an effective entry point into facilitation discussion and deep exploration of climate, environmental and social solutions.

The Oyster Gardener


The Oyster Gardener Media Studies

Engage your students in the film production process by watching the short documentary 'The Oyster Gardener'; a film about a Year 12 student and aspiring marine biologist, Jolie, who becomes involved in an oyster reef restoration project in her local river. Your students will also learn about how sustainability impacts all areas of productions.

Rachel's Farm


Rachel's Farm for tertiary

Provide tertiary, Ag college and TAFE students with a valuable Australian case study that provides an entry into the principles of regenerative agriculture and the importance of biodiversity, soil health and our food system. This case study is a useful sample that can be investigated and applied to research assignments.